Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back at Uni farm

5 hours in + its all kicking off!! [Geordie accent](in the Uni lambing sheds)[/Geordie Accent]

Was all fine and all really kicked off at 1am.
Had a twin ewe that presented just a head, with legs back, so I pulled that. Left her a bit and she had another head so pulled that one too.

Just before that had another twin ewe that presented a head and 2 legs, fine so left her for 40 mins.
Realised something wasn't right so had a feel and felt another nose there aswell. 2 lambs trying to come at the same time!
Pushed them back in + tried to sort them out. She was still pushing them both out so had to fight against her pushing.
Rang the shepherd who came straight out + sorted them out after much eventually.

THEN now we've got a triplet Blue Faced Leicester who prolapsed, has a prolapse harness on to push it all back in but she's not been pushed back in properly so can feel the legs but kind of through the wall.
We're leaving her 20 mins to see if she'll sort herself out but might have to take her to the vets iab!

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