Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home :))

Home today!!
We got up uber-late so just packed and went straight down to town to get the train ... well, replacement rail service coach.
Took a few hours to get to Shrewsbury then Grumps picked us up in the new car :) I would say what it is but don't actually know. Black BMW of some description.
"Push that button" "Look at that" "Push that" Its got one of those posh screens in the dash + he loves it. Wants me to drive it but I'z not insured on it till August(?)

Got home about and went straight to see the chickens, obviously. Nommed some tea and went to Follys(Nan) which always means hot chocklit and cake :)

Went to town on the bus with Nat on Monday, bought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts + went to Costa 'cos we're really civilised.
Walked to Mothers office and drove home then went to see the bubbas next door. Rose was exactly the same as if I'd been there yesterday but Evie came + said hello for 10 mins :P Tommy is growing up aswell.

Oh yeah, I'm teething! Wisdom teeth are coming through!
Back of my mouth has been hurting since Weds but didn't think anything of it. Top right tooth is half through and that didn't hurt, but the bottom left which hurts has got nothing?!

Dropped Mother at work on Tuesday, came back and woke up Nat for school (I'm so grown up) and dropped him in at break. Really wanted to go in and see everyone but didn't have an excuse. Will do at some point soon though! :))
Back to pick up Mother and we went to Frankie + Bennys for nom (chicken pizza) and straight into Brum to get the train. Saw Danni Mac (cousin) in Urban then back on the train to Aber.
Cody got on in Wolvo then had to change at Shrewsbury to get a coach and Tom was on the same coach :)

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