Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sarah Millican + Lambing with the Bro's

The Bro's are up in Aber :)
I woke up at half 8 and had to listen to them snoring for another 3 hours + eventually woke them up.
Walked down into town + got a huuge breakfast in the cafe then went down to the beach. Ruth was kayaking with the football girls so saw those, walked along the beach and to the arcade on the Pier to waste a bit of money!

Steve the shepherd from the Uni farm phoned me 'cos the person meant to be lambing tonight has been rushed into hospital so could I do it. Said Nat + Danny were up and would phone him back. They were alright with coming so said we'd do it! :P
Off to Store 21 we go for them to get some cheap lambing clothes ... and sweets + glow sticks, just what you need for lambing ;) Oh, and we got Chocolate Digestives for Sarah Millican...

Got the bus back up the hill and attempted to get an hours sleep before going out but failed.

Went to see Sarah Millican at the Arts Centre. We were in the centre, 3rd row so close :)
She was good - heard a few of the jokes on the telly + stuff but obvs going to get that. One woman was filming it so Sarah stopped and made her stop recording + made her delete it. Bit awkward.
Wrote her a note + left it with the "Emergency Biscuits" for her in the interval and she spoke to us in the 2nd half.
"Naan bread" :')
Came back to halls after and then got a taxi to the farm!
I was soo tired 'cos of not sleeping properly (if at all!) the last few weeks so was really grumpy with them at the start, didn't mean to be! Went off to see the bull beef for ages, they're meant to be aggressive but were skitty, eventually came over and sniffed me and took silage from my hand :)
They bottle fed a couple lambs + Nat took some photos (will chuck 'em on here at some point) so hopes they weren't too bored!
Steve dropped us back at halls about half 6

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