Friday, March 18, 2011

Bro's visit Aber

The Bro's came up to Aber to see me this weekend! :))

They came up after school and had delayed trains so had to get it from Wolverhampton so I wasn't sure what time they'd get here but knew it was about half 9. Said they'd ring me 20 mins away so I'd go to the station and get them.
*brrrring ring* "We're at the door :)"
I was still in bed! My bad :P

We went to CKs to get drinks, had those and then went into town with Becky. Downeys ("Scary Pub") and then Yoko's/Why Not.
Was really tired but had a good night. Came back quite early + Danny proceeded to spend the next few hours being sick in the kitchen.

Good Times...

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