Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 3 Lambing

Back in New Cross Lambing again tonight!
We had a prolapse ewe that was having triplets that started lambing 2 weeks early so had to get the farmer to come out. "She won't be lambing yet" "She's had 2 bags pop already, think she is!" ... he had to cut her stitches and lamb them but 'cos they were 2 weeks early their lungs hadn't developed at all so died within minutes :/
Another ewe had a really wierd bag that wouldn't pop and was covered in a thick/leathery orange membrane. I lambed her first one then there was a hald developed lamb with lots of gunk and organs and whatever else - was horrible to do! :(

Had Gary the lamb who had his neck right back, put him under the heat lamp, refused a bottle so I had to stomach tube him, which luckily worked a bit but he was still dodgy.
Phillip wouln't suck from his mom so went in one of the warm boxes and back to his mom every hour and he was eventually ok :D
No other major problems me don't think, were all fine! :D

Got an hours sleep + made it to my lectures.

Collapsed into bed at half 12 and stayed there all day :lol: Uni farmer rang at some point + woke me up - do I want to lamb tonight ... no, already lambing somewhere else.
He's trying to find someone to cover Saturday though :D

Said we can go down 1 afternoon to learn how to measure score the lambs and stuff!

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