Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tonights update...

We'z were literally just getting ready to get her to the vets and she lambed 2 of the triplets on her own!

The last one had to be pulled and had been dead inside her a couple days, but no vets ( :) but :( 'cos I didn't get to go) and she made it, with 2 lambs!

Had another ewe with 2 lambs coming at the same time ... one forwards + one back!

Had to ring Steve to come + do it but they were fine. We've ran out of pens so had to turn ewes and lambs that are ready to go out to the field, into holding pens next door (with loads of pens + runways + cool farm mechanichy stuff where they shear, vaccinate ... stuff like that) so we could move fresh lambs into their small pens.

Just had a quick shower to get rid of Eau d'Ewe. Time for bed me thinks!
Not tired at all though!

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