Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Equine assessment...

Had to do a write up of an equine practical we did last week ... about a model horse.
We basically made a horse out of model pieces, internal organs and skeleton, then were expected to do a 2000 word assignment about it!

Finished it at about 1am this morning, due in for 9. Went to the 24 hour printer to print it ... broken.
Wondered around campus for about an hour with my friend looking for one of the other printers but they weren't where they said they should be. The library building was open, just need to swipe your Aber card to get in ... all the lights were off + it was dead in there...

Eventually went to bed at about 3, got up at half 7. Got to the library at half 8, when it opened, quickly printed it off and literally just managed to get to my 8:34 bus as the doors were closing, to get to the other campus!
Got there in time and handed it in .... sorted.

Such boring lectures this afternoon. Got in at 3 and fell asleep for an hour :)

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