Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finished my first essay!

I've finished my first essay :)
Was self titled, so of course it had to be about chickens.

Battery cages and Furnished cages for laying hens

Just went on about how bad battery cages are, welfare problems, how furnished have tried to fix a few of the problems. Stuff like that.
I got 4 books out from the library so I had stuff to reference to, but they were 50 years out of date, so got a load of stats off the DEFRA website and journals so referenced to that. They say don't use online sources 'cos they can change and anyone could have written them, but its better than being old stuff, esp as furnished cages didn't exist back then.

Its in for 9am on Tuesday but have been + printed it and will hand it in tomorrow, a day early O:)

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