Sunday, October 10, 2010

Khaotic weekend at home!

Have been home for the weekend! :)

Left Aber at half 3 on Friday, got the train in to New St at about half 6.
The show is on this week, "Khaotic" - the Fred Karno story, at the Old Rep, so I crossed the road and went backtage through the Stage Door. Didn't tell everyone what time I'd be back so surprised them :)
Show went fine, I just stayed side of stage and helped with props + quick changes; people hand you costumes or leave them somewhere then come running over in a panic needing to you get them on!
Went out for a curry with everyone after and drove home; got breathalised on the wayout of Brum but hadn't had a drink so was fine.

Got a couple of photos, one backstage...

...and one out front after the show.

Woke up on Sat, really confused where I was. Looked out the window. Chickens running about. Home :)
Grumps was at the Drs + needed to go to the hospital but couldn't drive, so I had to drop Mom at him so she could drive his car + then they went to the hospital. I went via the "Big sis's" house and to see some friends after, pub for lunch, then the hosp said they needed to do ECG + more tests and they were keeping him in overnight!
I was already on the way to town so carried on + met Nat there. Did the show - few people had to understudy Grumps, bit of a mad rush for everyone, then the Get-Out to take all the sets + costumes out the theatre.
Drove home ... took an hour to get from New St to Broad St (half a mile?) 'cos the tunnels were shut!!

Went to see Dad on Sunday morning, then they said he could come out so I drove us home :) Went back, packed stuff to come back here. Aunt dropped me off at Shrewsbury station to save me getting an extra 4 trains + a bus.
Only took a couple of hours to get back to Aber :)

Had to walk up the hill with my bags.
Nearly died.
Thats pretty much my weekend...

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