Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First assignment set

Only 1 equine lecture today :D
Went to the library after to get some book for my first essay assignment ... about Battery hens :D

Its basically why are battery cages so bad and what do they think is better about furnished ones.
Self titled of course ;) - my tutor asked what I wanted it to be about - chickens (silly question really) - and so suggested that.
Only trouble is all the books in the library are from the 60's and they said don't use the internet 'cos anyone can write it - but the stuff is 50+ years out of date so not the current battery conditions!
Tried to find some journals to reference but couldn't find anything.

Then to the book shop to spent £50 on one book! Anatomy + Physiology of Farm Animals. The other one about Animal Science we need is £150! then there's a few more on top of that...

They've said they're inspecting our rooms on Saturday but have lectures all day on Fri, so started to un-pack the rest of my stuff and tidy up a bit :)

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