Friday, October 22, 2010

Nat here

Found out this morning that I had a lab practical this afternoon - till 5. Meant to be at the station at half 3.
Loads of clashes so 3 different modules want to have practicals on the same Friday afternoons - "We'll just push them back to the end of November" ... which is when The National is!

Anyway, the practical was actually quite good. Had some human blood + had to do tests to determine the blood groups 8)
Told Nat to get the later train here, so got to the station just as he got here.
Got the bus up the hill to here, sat around + went to CK's to get drinks.

We had a couple of drinks here + then got a taxi to town. Went to Academy 'till it closed at 1ish ... off to The Castle for a bit then got bored + left! Walked along the sea front in the pouring rain, Hollywood Pizza looked far too tempting so went in there to get chips and called a taxi.

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