Friday, October 1, 2010

Start of lectures!!

Today ... we started lectures!

Up before 8, for a lecture on the other farmy campus at 9. It was Animal Science - was alright. Found out we get to do 3 practicals for that module; Reproductive tract of the sow and ewe, Digestive tract of the sheep and Digestive tract of the pig.
Should be good.

Back over to this campus when we should have had a lecture but was cancelled this week, then back over there for an Equine Anatomy and Physiology lecture.
That one we do 4 labs; Visual Horse and Skeleton, Leg and Foot, Head and Digestive Tract dissections! 8)

Don't have anything else today 'cos we'd normally have practicals.
Its tipping it down with rain but I had to go + get some bread and milk - got soaked!

Student Loan came through today aswell so thats sorted for a bit :)

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