Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mark Watson

Been to see Mark Watson! :)

I took Nat to the train station, home to Brum + on the way out I saw him waiting for a taxi.
Said Hi ... think I scared him a bit. He was nice though, said he looked forward to seeing me in 2 + a half hours! haha

Met friend Debs + got something to eat, up to the Arts Centre, sat down at half 7 ... 'very important' apparently.

MW came on with his laptop hooked up to a projector + Word open. Didn't say anything, just typed. Was about people walking in, Aber ... stuff like that. So thats why we had to be there early!

Anyway, he was really good.
Arts Centre is a bit funny 'cos the stage is wierd - low down + completely open - so he's really close to you, but thats probably a good thing. He mentioned 2 people talking to him at the train station though *yay*

It finished + we met him outside, everyone was queueing up for his book (I'd already bought mine!) + posters (which had ran out!).
Spoke to him, he remembered me scaring him at the station ... and remembered Debs 'cos she saw him in Brizzle a few weeks ago.
Said he saw my tweet :') - didn't tweet me back though *tuts* ;)
and then signed my book. He was actually really nice! Got a photo too ...

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