Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Chickens...

Had no idea what I wanted for Christmas, so after planting the idea of getting chickens after seeing the Buff Orps at The Fed, I decided to get some hybrids so we'll hopefully get more than 1 egg overy other day, next year! :P
Obviously we went to see Jude at Cotswold Chickens. Spoke to her and they were shut 'cos of the snow, then today was our only chance to get there before Christmas!
Took longer time to get there 'cos of the snow but the roads weren't too bad.

Finally got there and had a look and there was 1 (or 2) Black Rocks, so had to have her! Jude said to just go into the stables and get them so I could choose who I wanted.
We had a look at the horses, all the stables were full - couldn't believe how big the filly has got that was born last year! There was a cute little orphan foal with a sad story attached about his mom :(

Fearne, the Bluebelle. Should lay pale brown eggs.
Holly the Speckled Star who should lay speckled brown eggs:
and Edith the Black Rock! Like Matilda + Theodore, she should lay brown eggs :)
Fearne + Edith sitting on top of the Wendy House...

There is quite a bit of snow here! The new girls are in the Go with a run attached, inside the WIR 'cos the 3 Dinner Chicken boys are in the eglu at the back.

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