Friday, December 10, 2010

Chicken Egg Farm Visit + Midsummer Nights Dream

Went to lectures then to "Free Range Egg Production Unit" this afternoon ... a chicken farm

We had to get our bio-security overalls + boot covers on, had a looks around, went in the sheds, stroked the chickens!
Had a look at the chain feeders, auto drinkers, nest boxes (astroturfed on a convayor belt!).
Everything is attached so that they can push a button and all the feeders, drinkers and nest boxes all raise up to the roof, the slatted boxes you can see down the middle are collapsed, and they can drive a mini quad/tractor in to push out all the dirty bedding!
The eggs are laid in the astro turf nest boxes in the middle of the shed, which rolls along like a conveyor belt + the eggs roll out:
They have the grading, stamping and packaging machines there and distribute themselves all over Wales and around Aber.

Out of the shed and outside to the range:
They have 10 acres for 3000 chickens - are allowed double that but there was a lot of space for them outside..

Gots to ask questions, they use Flubenvet but she couldn't remember what it was called "Yes! thats it!"  :P

They have a specialist poultry vet that flies around the UK in a helicopter he's so much in demand!!!

Got off the mini-bus and went straight down the hill to the theatre!

Did a tech run on the lights of Midsummer Nights Dream, then opened to the audience and did a run.

Went quite well, couple of dodgy things 'cos its a manual desk (with 48 sliders) and you can't programme cue's in like you normally would, and then just press Go.

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