Sunday, December 19, 2010

Federation Championships Poultry Show 2010

So this weekend is the Federation Championship Poultry Show 2010 at Stafford :)

Was meant to be working on the Cotswold Chickens stand but we had to pull out and cancel the stand last minute 'cos of the snow.
The hall with some of the 7000 entries:
Sales pens - Modern Game
White call ducks!
Buff Orpingtons - texted a photo to Dad 'cos he's always wanted some, and he phoned me to say we could get them! Decided not to in the end, but it planted the idea of getting new chickens! :P
Pair of Brahmas...
Poor stressed out geese with a bleeding foot :( Went and told the stewards but nothing was done about them
Blue Silkies!!
Brahma who won first prize
Game cockerel:
Another Brahma! He was really friendly and loved being fussed...
Crazy looking fantail pigeon!
Canary with a feather hat on:

Araucana eggs - photo doesn't really show their colour properly!
Whiter than white pekin!
Love her! She was in the rare breeds section, have forgetten the breed already though
Large fowl white Naked neck cockerel
Show Champion - Hamburgh:
Show trophies...
Tashas first prize boy Tarzan
Tasha's boy that got on to Championship row for Best AOC Wyandotte, Best Barred and Special rosette
Tashas first prize trio with Alice in
Tasha's girls:
Large Fowl barred wyandotte boy
Cool carry box...

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