Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day after

I had to get up at 11 for my 12 o'clock lecture.
Texted Cody who lives in the flat next-door and is on my course at quarter to, to see if we were going ... "Yes"
Rolled out of bed, got ready and got to the lecture on time.

I kept jumping whenever someone sneezed or did something load!
Think I was still drunk, well, I was - I really had the urge to gambole down the ramp thing, but they wouldn't let me.
Can't really remember the lecture ngl, was the last one for that module though! :))

Got back and went to town with Becky + Ange. Sorted my flat Secret Santa present ... Pound shop FTW.
We were meant to spend a £5er but sure the budget allowed for £7.

Went to Old College at 5 for another Tech Theatre meeting for Midsummer Nights Dream.
Sorted out the Prompt Script ... they were all stressing but its like THE least tecchy show ever. The scenery wasn't finished and we open tomorrow!
Finished the scenery and made props and then left at 9ish.

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