Sunday, December 5, 2010

Four Counties Poultry Show

Had a good day at the first Four Counties Poultry Club show! :)

I spoke to one of the ladies organising it a while back and said I could help out if they needed anyone, but then decided to enter after the National, just for fun if anything.

Checked with Tasha, my friend who the girls are from 'cos didn't want to show them if she didn't want me to, but she was fine with it and entered too! :)

I got:
First Prize for 3 Bantam Eggs...
 ... Cilla the Silkie got First Prize and Best Silkie Award ...
 ... and Alice the Barred Wyandotte got Second Prize (to Tashas girl)!
Tbh I wasn't expecting to get anything so was really happy with that!! :)
I bathed them on Friday and they slept in the bathroom over the weekend to dry off. Grumps wasn't very happy though! :P

Jack - Tasha's National Champion!! First Prize Barred Wyandotte Male
 Barnevelder :)
 Rare Breed 3rd Prize ... not sure what it is though. Really like her :)
 Serama Cockerel!! He got First Prize
I still want one for the flat next year :P

Tasha bumped her car on the way, on the same road only about half a mile away!
Her car was bad, she tried to drive it up to the hall and realised it wasn't driveable so a tow-truck came and took it away. We dropped her home after + shes got to get a hire car + drive back tomorrow!

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