Saturday, December 11, 2010


Home today :)

Its my birthday and Mothers 50th on Monday so came home for the weekend.
Got the 9.30 train from Aber. They only put on 2 carriages instead of 4 so it was rammed and there were people standing up thr whole way, they wouldn't even get through to ask for tickets! Put another 2 carriages on at Shrewsbury so it wasn't too bad. Got in to New St at half 12ish.
Went and met the Big Sis, got lunch then just went round the shops ... still haven't any of mine!

Got home, went to she shops to get some more food and then people came round at 7ish.
Was fancy dress but Mother only told me on Thurs so I was Rudolph with an afro :P

No idea what time they left. 3ish?

Got like 200 facebook wall posts! lol
Replied to them all :)


Mayo said...

Have a Very good one. And your Mother too, of course, Keep on Bloggin'. AND a good Christmas too ; all of you and yours. Max.

Mayo said...

Good to see pics of animal's bits. Reminds me of happy days spent with my Mother when she was still working as a Vet, and I was taken with her to visit her clients or watch her work at her surgery. Just know that you are going to be The Best. Mxx.