Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Not's...

Been to town tonight :)

Got in from my tech theatre meeting at like 8, bought a £1.49 bottle of Cassini and we started drinking at about 10 ... I was kinda drunk already.
We left for Re-Load, got in the queue and decided it looked dead so went to town instead.
Ace'd it (taxi) down the hill and went to Why Not's/Yoko's.

Was £ Party until half 12 so we did loads of sambuca shots and bottles .... even more drunk.

No idea what time we left, probably about 3ish?
Went to 24hr Spar with Ruth + Steph ... can't remember if there was someone else with us. We were wetting outselves all the way home with Jeff the taxi man.
I fell out of the taxi when we got to Rosser :/

Sat in the kitchen for another few hours talking, maybe drinking, can't really remember.
I love Wednesdays at Uni ... wish we had a camera though! :P

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