Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm back from camping in Cornwall with my Dad, Brother + friend Stuart, it was good fun. We went to the beach, went to quite a few places in Cornwall and had the best chips in the world from Rick Steins chip shop in Padstow.

Polzeath Beach

Me + Stuart in the car :D

Dad flying a kite
Brother Nathan eating chips on the beach
We went to the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, where, if a fisherman finds a pregnant female lobster, they sell it on to the Hatchery, the lobsters hatch there and are raised there safely away from predators. When they're big enough they're released back into the sea so that the numbers of lobsters around Cornwall can be kept up so that demand from fishermen isn't wiping out the population. I've adopted a lobster called Sebastian :D.
Tonight I've been looking at where to get my hatching eggs from and looking at hydrometers.
Someone on the Coturnix Corner Forum said I don't really need a hygrometer, but I may get a cheap analogue one just to be safe, but apparently they aren't too accurate.
Digital ones are good but most of them have the sensor inside the main unit, not on a long probe. Ones I found with a probe are £20+.
I haven't found local eggs as yet but I may get some sent in the post to me.

I've also just cut the perspex for the roof, I did it with a stanley knife and then smoothed the edges down with wet + dry paper.

The Canwell Show is tomorrow, never been before but it should be good.

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