Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's finished. It was made from the left overs from the incubator and stuff I found in the garage.
I used wood from the incubator, wire, a plug and I bought a light fitting for 79p.

I cut up 3 rectangles, (2 sides and top), and 2 squares (for the ends). The top piece needs a hole drilled in the top to sit the egg on top of. Then I screwed the 3 rectangles together and glued one end on. The other open end is the end which the light fitting goes onto, and is left loose, in case of a bulb change etc.

The egg sits on the hole on the top. When I use it I put it on a chopping board, so the table doesn't burn.
It doesn't look as good as a bought one, but if it works and for 79p and 1/2 hour, I don't really care.

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