Friday, August 15, 2008


Got up at half 9.
We left here and headed for Cleethorpes, which is by the sea. The weather was really nice so we went and sat on the beach, and then went for lunch; we sat outside but had to go inside because of the wasps – AGAIN. What is the point of wasps!
After that we went for a walk the other way down the beach then back to the car. We were driving to Louth but stopped off at some shops we saw. The factory outlets weren’t too good but we went into a cafe next to a gym. Me + Nat had Toffee Apple Crumble, Mom had Rhubarb Crumble (she’s been wanting it all week!) and Dad just had coffee.
After that we started to drive home and drove through Grimsby just to have a look what was there. There were a lot of warehouses for storing fish, and we saw a couple of boats coming in- so now we know where most of our fish comes from! Then we drove through Louth again, we would have stopped but all the stops were just closing, so we carried on back to the church.
When we got back there was a little bird on the little road up to the church, I think it was either a partridge or a quail! It ran up the track and then flew into the wheat.
Back at the church the lady was in the garden with the dogs and the puppy :). We went out and played catch with the black & white dog (the dog was catching the ball not us catching the dog ;) ). We fed the chickens again and then Me + Dad drove into Wragby to get some food for tea-fish & chips :)!
After tea Me + Nat went outside to see the horse. I fed him apples, and Nathan finally fed the horse (he was too scared before!)

After the excitement of that we took pictures of the bats flying around the garden.

Just to add to the excitement Georgie phones to tell us she was back from Italy, and we found out that Georgie’s Nan lives by Grimsby.

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