Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holiday Day 1- Saturday

After the Canwell show we left the house for Lincolnshire at about 3pm.

It’s really flat here, and you can see for miles! The sky stretches out really far as there is nothing blocking the view. We stopped off at the village shop for bread + milk and got to the accommodation at about half 6ish.
We (Me, My Brother – Nathan, Mom
and Dad) are staying in a little place called Panton, in a converted church (St. Andrew’s).

According to information in the church it dates from 1770 and is a Grade II listed building. In 1905 Christopher Turnor restored it in memory of his uncle then the church was made redundant in 1974, as the priest used to turn up for service to no congregation. A bit of a sad story, but there are not many people round here. After it became redundant they then used it for hay storage. There used to be a stone memorial of a Knight (Sir William Breton of Edward III) here, but it was stolen. Also another thing is that, they found a Stone Age flint and arrowhead when they dug out the lake! So lots of history then :)
It’s been renovated really well, it’s really open plan but at the same time the bedrooms are private.
The downstairs has the main living area with 2 big comfy sofas and 2 arm chairs, the bathroom-to the right of the front door and the kitchen is raised a little bit.
The font is still here in its original place, now with flowers on the top of it, the hymn board now holds business cards for local businesses, and there are still gravestones in the floor and one on the wall. But having said all that it is not spooky at all. At either end of the church are the bedrooms raised up on another level. The main bedroom is above the front door and the other bedroom is above the kitchen.
The owners left us milk in the fridge, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine on the table next to a note saying:
“Eggs: Can be collected from the hen coop in garden if available free of charge. Cannot be laid to order!”

There is a bell rope by the front door and a bell outside, but I tried, they are not connected.
Out in the garden there are about 12 white ducks, about the same number of hens + chicks, a cockerel, a male and a female peacock with a little baby and three dogs.

Reading other peoples messages there is a horse somewhere. I had a look in the coop for eggs and there were 4 eggs and 2 broken ones.
For tea we went about 4 miles down the road (a mile down we saw the Peacocks! Free-range or what) and got Pizza from the takeaway and sat eating it watching the Olympics - 1st Gold for GBR!

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