Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Got up at half 9.
Me + Mom walked about 6 miles to Wragby and then Dad + Nat drove to us when we got there. We saw a little weasel run across the road while we were walking there. I looked around the pet shop and the electrical shop – still no power lead for my incubator :(.
We went into a cafe and read the paper then we drove to Lincolnshire.
Walked down to the shops, walked along the canal for a bit and found a Maplins! They had a few 12V plugs but none with high enough amps – they had one variable voltage plug which was about £30 so I might have to buy that one. I might buy a car cigarette lighter to mains adaptor and cut the end off of a phone charger, because they are 12V but they are still £20.

I also found a new friend – Percy the Pigeon. He came cheeping over to me and sat on my foot :) I picked him up and he ran up and sat on my shoulder, really tame!! And he still had his baby feathers. He did poo on my sleeve :( but it wiped off :) and its meant to be good luck :) :). I put him back on the floor and he started walking after me. I wanted to keep him forever! (Still want a homing pigeon :))
Then we went and saw the cathedral + had an ice cream.
Dad drove us back to Wragby and we stopped off at the Co-Op for Fish Fingers, Mash + Sweetcorn - as you do. There are no big supermarkets here, which is a bit strange.
Still no eggs in the Ark today.

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