Thursday, August 14, 2008


Got up at 9.
We left the church at 10 to go to the Market at Horncastle. It was only small with a few Fruit & Veg stalls, Mobile phone stall, a Bike stall and a stall selling Ostrich burgers, feathers and eggs. The eggs were only £12.50!! I wonder if they would be fertile and hatch :P.
All of us went for coffee in a little cafe by a little stream. We started sat outside but had to go in because of the thousands of wasps :( !

Me + Nat went to look around the pet shops again and I have finally bought a plug for my incubator. It was still expensive at £19 but the cheapest I have seen so far. It is a Multi Voltage plug from 3-12V and is 2500mA (2.5A). When you read the leaflet it is only 2.5 amps at 3-5 volts, and at 12 volts it is 1.4 amps, but it should still work. I bought an extension lead for it which was only £3 so that I don’t have to chop the end of the £20 plug off, I can chop the end of the extension off instead. If I cut the multi plug I would void the warranty and couldn’t use it for anything else. The car cigarette power supply to mains was only £7.99 there, £12 cheaper than Maplins!
After that we went back to Sutton on Sea. We had a walk down the beach and a look in the shops. I went into a place called Gardenpets and the man who owns the shop was really nice. When I said that I was looking for a hygrometer, he asked what for and then told him it was for the incubator. He said he hatches parrots and showed me the incubator which he made himself, it was made of metal + had a glass door so he could watch them hatch. He hasn’t been hatching many recently because of the credit crunch. All of his reptile equipment was half price because he used it for his tortoises for 3 months and then gave them up.

We stopped off at the shops for some fajitas and then went back to the church and watched tele.

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