Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Had a lie in until 10.30 this morning.
We left the church at 12ish to go to the market at Alford. We got there at about 12.30 and the market was just packing up, even though it was meant to be on until 2.
We looked around the shops there, Mom + Das had a look at antiques again! while me + Nat went to the pet shops. I found a 12 volt battery charger which the man said would work, in a RC Cars shop but it was £30 and I didn’t want to spend that much and then chop the end off of it to plug it into the thermostat. I also got some feet for my incubator to sit on, 6 for £1. Bargain!
After that we went to a cafe for drinks + cake!
When we had finished we went back to the car. Me + Nat found some cows next to the car park + fed them.

Dad drove us to Long Sutton but we didn’t stop because of the rain. We might be going back later in the week.
Off to the Co-Op to buy pasta + sauces for tea. Then home.
Back at the church we were greeted by the black and white dog and the chicks are back :). We played fetch with the dog with apples off the tree + a stick. I fed the chickens bits of apple again + a girl went past on a horse, one of the neighbours from the farm round the back I think.
There is a one-eyed cat here which followed me up the path up to the church.
I cooked more cheesy bread to have with the pasta-bake for tea, and a cheesecake for after.
Still no eggs in the ark :( but I doubt there will be as all the chickens sleep in the stable with the ducks, so wont lay in the ark.

We would have had Babs for 2 years today.
R.I.P. Babs

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