Saturday, August 9, 2008

Canwell Show

We've just been to the Canwell Show, and it was really good, if only the weather was better we would have stayed longer.
We saw a Bird Of Prey stall and the man was really friendly. They are based in Stratford Upon Avon so all the birds are names after Shakespeare characters.

I got to hold Bottom, a 9 week old Bengal Eagle Owl.

Me + Bottom

Mom + Bottom

The Charrolais sheep from the farm where I went Lambing

Joseph And His Amazing Camels were due to be on at 3, but we are going to Lincoln so couldn't stay for that long.

My friend Teresa got 1st place for her Butterscotch (right) and the little girl next door Evie (4) got 4th prize for her Picture of the Olympics (left).

It was worth rearranging the holiday for :D

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