Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quail + Eggs

I've just been to Quinton to get the eggs for the incubator. I was planning to get 12 for £1.50, but the man gave me 24 because he had loads spare!
The eggs should hatch after about 18 days.
He also hatched some quail for a pet shop and they let him down so I got a trio of quail :D They are 5/6 weeks old.
I gave him £2 and he was going to give me change! He had some chinese painted quail aswell, which I liked the look of but had to resist!!
Thanks soo much keef! And thank-you Sarah for taking me :D

So 24 eggs and 3 quail for £2, thats really good! They might live either with the quinea pig or in their own hutch, but its tipping it down at the moment so they are in the kitchen running around.

4 of the eggs are cracked, but I wasn't expecting to have 24 anyway so it doesn't matter, just means we can eat them!

The female (on the left)
has a more spotted chest,
and the male (on the right)
has a brown chest.

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