Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in Aber...

I'm back in Aber!! :)

Left at about 9 this morning, Nan came with us to have a look and she wanted to go on the beach.
Got here at about half 11 / 12ish, put my stuff in my room and went to Morrisons.

Got some shopping, Mother paid :P and then went to town.

Went and showed them our house for next year, looked round a couple shops and then went for lunch in Varsity.

Folly (nan) wanted to go on the beach so we walked down, went on the Pier and then onto the beach. Took a few photos...
Was surprisingly not that cold and was really sunny! Bit windy but it was fine. Walked along the beach, Folly collected some 'nice marbley' pebbles and shells to take home. Had to climb over some steps to get over the groynes ... had to hold on to her so she didn't fall, then she couldn't walk up the steep pebbley bit to get back up to the pavement. Mother just stood there lol'ing and took photos.

Came back to halls and they've just left!!
Feels really wierd to be back. Will be normal in a couple of days :)

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