Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Been to London with friend today :)

Got the train from New St at half 11 + we were in Euston before 1. We had a few hours to kill and 'cos friend hadn't really been to London we did a whistlestop visit of London.

Got on the tube and noticed the woman sitting opposite me. It was Sue, the mom off Outnumbered! Claire Skinner :P
She smiled and said Hi, and really stalkery I took a photo! Is rubbish though lol
Got the tube to Leicester Square, got food + walked round eating it up to Piccadilly Circus. Got on the tube there to Trafalgar Square and had a walk round, didn't do the cheesy tourist thing of a photo with the lions.
Walked down White Hall + saw the few bits there.
Saw the horse + guards. All the tourists were having their photo taken with the horses but everytime it moved they'd run off screaming? I went over + stroked it and he was fine, tickled his lips + he didn't bite :P

Past Downing St to Westminster and Big Ben chimed Quarter past 2. Went halfway over Westminster Bridge + saw the London Eye, Aquarium and all that lot. Back on the tube to South Kensington.
Natural History Museum + were going to walk to Harrods but was effort so we didn't bother.

Back on the tube again to Hammersmith and went to queue up for Britains Got Talent London auditions...

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