Thursday, January 20, 2011


Eurghh. Meant to be revising for these exams but am failing.
There is so much stuff I don't know what is key and whats not. 1500 pages in the Biology book and thats just 1 module, we have 4 exams. I think I'z just lost in it all...

Me + friends were saying earlier, we didn't realise how much science would be in the course (stupid really 'cos its called Animal Science).

I love the Animal Production Systems lectures + think they're really interesting. Equine Physiology and Anatomy, and the Animal Science are good too, but I HATE Genetics & Evolution, and Biology of the Cell

Think with all the horses + farms that Uni have that after 5 months we'd have at least touched one (live one) by now!
Hopefully we'll be able to do lambing soon.

I think I miss animals, at least the Agrics get Tractor driving lessons and the Equine's get to muck out and ride all the time! Without doing the theatre stuff, for most of the time we're in the flat or on the in lectures, need to do something apart from that.

Theres the Animalarium thing at Borth Zoo which is 20 mins away on the train (although trains are only every 2 hours!). Might see if they take volunteers so I can actually play with some animals for once. They have loads of exotics there which would be cool and is kinda relevant to the degree, could help my CV?...
Flatmates stuck a leaflet about it on my door over Christmas + my friend was on about it earlier so will speak to her.
*and breathe*
In other news, Cilla has been wandering around the kitchen today, still sniffley but has been drinking her citricidal :)

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