Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Britain's Got Talent: London Auditions

Went to London for the Britain's Got Talent auditions :)

Got free tickets online through Applausestore again ... we've been the last 3 years but the Birmingham dates were later this year + we're all back at Uni so went to London instead!

Was at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo so we got the train to Euston + tubed it to Hammersmith.
Got there at 3 and there was already a queue! Doors opened at 5.15 so already had a while to wait but some people must have been there a lot longer.

Stood in the drizzley rain and eventually got let in late at 10 to 6ish. We were upstairs, kind of near the front.

The warm-up man comes on, gets the audience wound up and introduces everyone...
Judges this year were Michael McIntyre, Amanda Holden and Louis Walsh (who was standing in for The Hoff). Ant and Dec came on after + everyone started screaming :P

They set up for the act, act comes on and then gets judged then they clear and start again. Micheal McIntyre was quite funny when he was judging :P
There was no-one amazing tbf. "Mandy Gap" was quite good, and a Brass band too. Some were bad though, one "comedy" man was just scary. Amanda ran and hid behind Michael :P lol

Finished about 10 so back to the tube to Euston. Got food there and then got on the train at half 11. Got in to New St at half 1!

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