Saturday, January 22, 2011

Work Experience

Thinkk I mentioned it the other day, I'm getting kind of bored just being in the flat all day and with the same people. Only really recently so probs to do with exams, but thought I could try + get some work experience 'cos it'd be fun and is relevant to that there degree I'm meant to be doing :)

Applied for work exp at Borth Zoo, which is a 20 train ride from Aber (although the trains only go every 2 hours) and thought I could go on a Wednesday afternoon 'cos we have that off to do "sport".
The lady replied and said yes, when was I thinking about going but I haven't heard back for a couple of days.

Also emailed someone this morning from a Llama Trekking place, in Burton near home. A friend went and so I thought I could ask. Its about half an hour from home but Grumps works (a further) 10 mins down the same road so I thought he might be able to drop me there on the way to work! :)
Would obv have to go at Easter or over the Summer, but thought I could just ask and see what they say.

Found out Lambing starts on March 17th this year, so will still be at Uni but will probably go when I'm home 3 weeks later :) Want to do some in Wales too, would be silly not to! :P

I also need to try and find a 6 week work placement for Uni which counts as one of the modules for next year. Can't really think of anywhere close to home except for a couple of farms and without having a car it'd have to be close. Did think about the vets but the one I've been to before is 40 mins away and the new one round the corner still isn't open and even though they're still working on if it you drive past, I can't see it ever being done!
On the other hand I thought I could go the opposite and go somewhere further away but stay there and do it like that.
6 weeks is a long time though!

Was asked last year to work for someone over the summer and would have loved to have done it but the distance was too far, might see if I can do it this summer and see if it counts as a work placement for Uni :)

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