Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Equine Anatomy and Physiology

Its 1:23 and I'z still revising for the exam.

"Muscles of the ear:
Scutuloauricularis superficialis, Scutuloauriculares profundi (2 muscles - major and minor), Frontoscutularis, Zygomaticoscutularis, Interscutularis, Parietoauricularis, Cervicoscutularis, Cervicoauricularis superficialis, Cervicoauricularis medius, Cervicoauricularis profundus and Parptidoauricularis"

*little bit of sick in my mouth*

I have another 44 slides just like that on muscles.
Then another 19 powerpoints for the rest of the body!
So going to fail this exam...

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