Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welsh National Poultry Show

Welsh National Poultry Show this weekend :)
Went up on Saturday with Tasha, penned her birds and headed for the hotel. Posh hotel this time! Was really nice, but really hot + couldn't sleep.

Show was on Sunday...
Photo shoot with Tasha's Best Fowl Trio that made it on to Championship Row! ;)
1st prize Bantam Wyandotte.
Appenzeller cockerel with a really cool comb!
3rd place game cockerel
Trio of Indian game in the sales pens
Indian game sales pens
Transylvanian Naked Neck!! How cool is she?! 8)
Chocolate Wyandottes in the sales pens! *wants* ;)

Tasha did really well again!! 1st, 2nd and 3rd with her Barred Wyandottes. Then best trio in the Heavy breed bantam class ... they were judged against the other 1st trios and she got Best Fowl Trio, so got on to Championship Row and got a medal :P

The Waterfowl Show was on on both days of the weekend, so there were a lot of waterfowl there - more cute call ducks!!
Welsh National isn't as big as our National but was still a really good weekend :)

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