Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

So everyone came round to ours last night and we'z got a liiiittle bit drunk :P
I wasn't that bad but was drinking my Homebrew Turbo Cider which was a bit yeasty + rank but we added sugar to it and made Cider + Black(currant) which was dank.

Nothing got damaged so t'was good :)
Well, George did fall into the christmas tree and was sick all over the carpet and patio doors on the way to getting outside to be sick, but by the time he was outside he'd chundered it all up.

We set off some of those fire lanterns ... the eco, biodegradable no metal wires, ones ... and so did the neighbours.
Only, theirs got stuck in the tree and just sat there burning away :P

Finally went to bed at about 5 'cos we were just sitting there talking in our slightly intoxicated state. Pazzy was on about being ticklish, and well, the rest I won't blog ;)
Woke up about 8 and realised *owww* I was burning, moaned but fell back to sleep.
Back to sleep for 10 mins *owwww!*
Back to sleep again and another 10 mins later *OWWWWW!?* ... the radiators were on full and I was lying right on it.
(I should have mentioned at this point that there were 3 people sleeping in my bed)

There were people asleep on my floor so think I probably trod on a few of those trying to get to my door. Went downstairs where there were a further 3 people, one of them being George asleep on the sofa in the exact same position as last night, still with the stuff balanced on him that we'd put there.
Turned the heating off, returning with a massive bottle of squash 'cos no-one could talk, which was rather appreciated.

Think we got up at about 10, sat around, vacummed and tidied up a bit. Sprayed every sort of cleaning chemical we had in the house on the carpet which made the sick go bright flourescent green.

Thought't it'd be a good idea to drive to ASDA for breakfast but didn't account for them being shut! Although they did have 3 mahoosive cages full of christmas chocolates that were 10p + 50p.
Me + Mika bought a few each, George bought a box of 32! :P

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