Friday, January 21, 2011

Genes and Evolution

Just had my first exam at 9am ... was whack! :(

I did a bit of revision for it but obv not enough. I couldn't understand half the questions but that wasn't even to do with the science!!

There was one question with a big paragraph waffling about vampires, probability and heredity of certain genes.
Then the question was about ducks?! WTF

Then there was another question about mushrooms with the accent gene which either made them scouse or geordie. Clearly the examiner though he was hilarious but he clearly wasn't.
I mean everyone knows mushrooms don't inherit genes for their accent, its environmental and about there they live :P

Anyway, think I've got 17% from my coursework and need 40% to pass the module.
Sounds really easy I know, but we'll see... :(

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