Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chicken Friends ... ily

I love my chicken friends!

People always look at me as if I'm crazy if I mention my "chicken friends", ok maybe I am a little bit :P but it just seems like normality to me now!

I've met loads of them, been camping with them, we have BBQs, been for meals + out for days with them, to their houses and even stopped over!
The number of times I've got lifts with people and I've given a couple of people lifts. Then theres all the shows and everyones really supportive of each other.
We really are like one big crazy chicken family.

There is always someone who will know what you're looking for/can help with something, and always someone who'll offer to help.
Some of them I consider as close friends who I see quite a lot but some I haven't met but I think I know well and would call a friend.
Its quite funny meeting someone for the first time, you introduce yourself with your real name and then username! :P

Someone said something to me today "Will light you a candle [in church]..." and I just thought it was mad that someone I'd never met but think of as a close friend, would do that for me.
Most of them will never read this, but its there :)

ily chicken peoples!


Kathryn said...

It's mutual :)
I have spent rather longer than is healthy in the past week asking the kitten "Why is it that all my chicken friends are so much readier to do lovely things than those in the church..."

Despite being called Theo, the kitten was quite unable to respond :(

Mollie. said...

ily chicken friend :D