Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sometimes I wish I had a bit more privacy...

I only really post this as a diary not for people to read, just for me to waffle + then have a look back at months later.
Obviously I know people read it and if they're interested enough to read it and comment, then yeah thats nice so I appreciate it.

You do sometimes realise how open you are, but also traceable.
Like recently a friend of mine said "I didn't realise you had so many posts on ..."
Umm, how do you know that? Made me smile but also realise how traceable we are online, especially to people that know us. It didn't bother me 'cos obviously its not something I need to hide, but just an example.

Sometimes you can't make a tiny comment about a situation (anywhere online) 'cos you'll get picked up on it straight away.
So its left, then when you really have to, you finally make a comment and everything gets blown way out of proportion whereas if you had a bit of space in the first place to rant where said person wouldn't necessarily see it (and maybe not get hurt by it) it would never have blown up into that situation.


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